Recently, former Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel defected to the Libertarian Party -- and is continuing his White House quest with the prominent third party. Gravel is a former senator from Alaska who gained prominence in the 1970s by reading thousands of pages of the "Pentagon Papers" into the Congressional record.

He's been making some waves in the third party. After a debate April 8 in Kansas City, a straw poll of convention members came out as follows:

Wayne Allyn Root: 22 Bob Barr: 20 Mike Gravel: 15 Mary Ruwart: 12

Gravel has also been doing various music videos, some of which are pretty bizarre takes on popular songs. In the video below, he updates The Beatles' "Helter Skelter" and constructs a visual argument linking the Iraq war with Vietnam.

What's interesting about Gravel's defection is that it mirrors the place of Libertarians -- and other third parties -- in an election season. The former senator clearly is fed up with both parties, and his switcharoo is as much about finding a last resort as it is a full endorsement of the party's principles. I'll be curious to see how that plays out when the party begins to select a nominee.

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