Most analysts agree that it's very early in this election cycle to start talking about vice presidents, and, for John McCain, that timeline is even looser because the Democrats still are duking it out.

Things got even closer after Hillary Clinton's victory over Barack Obama in Pennsylvania, the biggest prize remaining in primary season. [Info]

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What I've been reading on blogs and hearing from sources is that the VP pool for the Republican party is relatively broad -- there's just no clear choice for a candidate who faces dissent from hard-line party members and the task of winning over moderate voters frsutrated with the GOP.

Right now, people are looking closely at Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, Florida governor Charlie Christ and former Massachusettes governor Mitt Romney. Experts are split on whether McCain should secure the Republican base to mobilize fundraising support or try to snatch back moderate voters with a more radical, independent pick.

We'll have to see.

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