Here's a bonus Song of the Day, since I'll be out of the office tomorrow. You should feel quite special -- not even God blogged on Sunday.

Artist: Chromeo Track: "Fancy Footwork" Album: Fancy Footwork [Listen] [Video]

Pretty much everything on Chromeo's second full-length album is unbelieveably catchy, mostly because they throw themselves into the production without any of the irony that normally complicates contemporary musicians making electronic funk albums that draw heavily from decades past. (Har Mar Superstar, Flight of the Conchords, etc.) Even the beach-at-sunset sax riffs in "100 Percent," another great track, seem legit.

From their homepage: Chromeo is P-Thugg and Dave 1: best friends since their adolescence, virtuoso musicians, walking hip hop encyclopedias, and the only successful Arab/Jew partnership since the dawn of human culture. Chromeo headed back to their Montreal lab to put together album number deux. The result, Fancy Footwork, is quite simply the most smoothed-out, hook-heavy, unabashed lovers’ funk since…Chromeo’s last album, actually.