Artist: Coheed and Cambria Track: "Gravediggers and Gunslingers" Album: No World for Tomorrow Listen

Much of Coheed & Cambria's best work sounds exuberant and melodic, though the lion's share of it deals with death. Some of their recent release, No World for Tomorrow, follows both their loose narrative of fringe characters in various post-apocalyptic scenarios and this fascination with the Other Side.

What makes "Gunslingers" so great is that it, from what I've gathered, talks about killing other people and not yourself, something the band has covered far too often.

I'll never, ever advocate homocide or suidice, so let this stand as my Ozzy disclaimer. Let's face it, though: In the realm of pop music, songs about killing someone else are usually better than ones about a narrator pulling the trigger to end his life pains. (Again, this is never a good way to solve such problems.)

Instead of the somewhat languid, morose tone to much of Coheed's classic album, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, this song portrays the band kicking a little butt. The narrator is a vigilante, blasting bad boys with a six shooter and living much differently than the bedroom-bound, emo loner the band has depicted elsewhere. It's great.