Artist: Foxboro Hot Tubs Track: "Ruby Room" Album: Stop Drop and Roll! Listen

If you couldn't tell from the snarling, nasal-tinged vocals, skintight percussion and bouncy, rhythms, this band of garage-rock bawlers is a side project including all three members of Green Day. (Evidence here and here.) Story goes that the band needed a respite while recording American Idiot, their political opus. Fans loved several songs posted on the web and were anxiously awaiting the full-length debut.

Here it is.

Idiot proved they were better -- and smarter -- than almost every pop-punk band in history. This one proves that Billy Joe, Tre and Mike still love fun, the kind that informed the vintage recordings of The Sonics, Tommy James and Paul Revere & the Raiders. "Ruby Room" is as good a selection from a record that's made for beach parties and after hours at clubs called something like The Peach Pit.