Artist: Santogold Track: "L.E.S. Artistes" Album: Santogold Listen

Santogold has been getting muchos hype as the latest cool thing to erupt from those uber hip streets of Brooklyn. Turns out, the superlatives surrounding Santi White's self-titled album is well deserved. When the album isn't a note-perfect rehash of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it's an expansion of that ethos -- the way Karen O and her band can offer a track catchy enough to suck you into a nihilisitc indie-rock black hole.

Elsewhere White uses a stable of DJ and producers to create the world-crossing layers and textures of M.I.A. The record crosses many boundaries -- that seems White's main purpose -- but things are fastened by her vocals yearning amid the flurry of drums, synths, guitars and rthe sense of desperation they create together.