Chris DeVille, who has been hyping R. Kelly for years, and I, who have resisted until last week, disagree over the merits of the ridiculous rapper's most recent hit. The song, called "Hair Braider," is essentialy an ode to the babe who does his 'rows. See, the hairstyle he wants takes quite long, so she must come to his house to do it. When it gets late, she sometimes stays over instead of driving home.

Then it gets craaaazy. Chris hates the use of vocoder; I think it's another example of how Kelly steals what's hot and then makes it even hotter. Which makes Kelly a genius, me smart and DeVille totally lame for not seeing it. The effect of our disagreement can be seen in the chart below.

Effects of "Hair Braider" on Aggregate Trill, 2006-2008