Artist: Toadies Track: "No Deliverance" Album: No Deliverance Listen

Other than occasionally throwing on "Possum Kingdom," I haven't really followed Toadies. But I do throw on that song a lot, especially when I get nostalgic for the days when liking music first became serious business. That song takes me back, and this new one is pretty good. It would be hard for "No Deliverance" to become anything more than a tolerable sample of radio rock, though, because no fond adolescent memories will be attached to it for posterity.

Sidenote No. 1: Chris Mantz, if you're reading, I wish I were back in your basement, circa 1996, listening to Rubberneck and ready to sneak out and drink some Southern Comfort by Fuller's shed.

Sidenote No. 2: Do I need a blog tag for "alternative." I guess so. Maybe we'll see new releases this year from Mad Season and Bush.