Artist: Sonny Boy Williamson Track: "Nine Below Zero" Album: One Way Out

I'm off to Chicago, homes of modern blues since the 1940s, this afternoon. A pre-trip ritual for me is playing Sonny Boy Williamson's One Way Out, in my opinion the best single-album blues collection ever released. Williamson and others who relocated north to Chicago after World War II more often released singles than studio albums, and this record is a perfect intro one of history's best harmonica rippers. It's also a record that has unveiled itself to me with each listen during the past six years.

Side note: Many are confused by the appearance in history of two Sonny Boy Williamsons. The first, John Lee Miller, was famous for acoustic versions of Delta classics such as "Good Morning Little School Girl." The second, Rice Miller, is the one mentioned here. Miller was known for electric sides on Chicago's Chess record label.