Artist: The Streets Track: "Everything Is Borrowed" Album: Everything Is Borrowed Listen

One of the great polarizers in pop music, The Streets is unique, brash, garrish, grating and like nothing else you hear anywhere else, in any genre. I find these things wonderful, and I think Mike Skinner is one of the few geniuses to emerge in the last decade of hip-hop. Kind of like a white, British Clipse.

Through four albums, including the new one out this week, Skinner details the minutia of everyday life -- something most rappers won't touch -- with a wit most rappers never developed. Heart-warming and set to a fantastic beat, this track delves into thoughts of mortality that the emcee developed more fully on his previous release, A Grand Don't Come for Free. As always, the song is infused with his street-speak rhyme style and great guest vocals, here responsible for the pensive yet song-along chorus.