Artist: Deerhunter Track: "Nothing Ever Happened" Album: Microcastle Listen

Deerhunter has instrumental songs, languishing in arty jam, and those that rip quick and righteous. These styles meet head on in "Nothing Ever Happened." Don't be fooled: Lots happens in this amazing track from the Atlanta band's third LP.

Shifts in mood happen. Catchy single-note riffs happen. Fuzz happens. A lot. The song explores noise -- sometimes Deerhunter's calling card -- though mostly the group is happy to tatter a pop melody and sew it together with somewhat normal sounds. Some will cry that this song is toned down, tame, safe, but it shows a band good enough to play by a few of the old rules.

Deerhunter plays the Grog Shop in Cleveland Friday, Nov. 18. Disappears and Columbus s--tgaze pioneers open.