Artist: Lil Wayne feat. The Game Track: "Red Magic" Album: The Drought Is Over: Part Six -- The Reincarnation Listen

Lil Wayne is nothing if not prolific, and this timely dose of classic mixtape rap should medicate fans still in shock from hearing "Prom Queen." (Personally, I'm still on the fence about that track...) This is not Weezy playing a guitar. This is not Weezy aping Axl Rose -- putting out a rock concept project everyone advised against. This is Weezy rapping about rap things with other rappers.

Praise the heavens, he raps well. Sorry if I'm a bit surprised.

Even when sticking to his guns (and dope, women and bravado), he's lately been known as a careless editor who places quantity over quality. Check his previous mixtape, The Drought Is Over 5, for proof. His thought, it seems, is that people want his stuff, so it's best to give them whatever he's got.

He's recording constantly, and this batch apparently caught Wayne on a good day. Boosted by production from The Empire and guest spots featuring The Game, RIck Ross and regular creative foil Kayne West, he's funny, clever and weird enough that we shouldn't worry about whether he's gonna forget rap and start touring with Nickeback.

He's likely to release about four other projects this year, and this one will compete for the top spot. The above link is to a free download of the entire mixtape.