Artist: Keak Da Sneak Track: "N Fronta Yo Mamma House" Album: Deified Listen

According to legend, Keak Da Sneak coined the term "hyphy" more than a decade ago. Since then, he's tried to back up that claim with many hyphy songs, such as "Superhyphy," which appeared on classic compilation Hyphy Hitz. So, you know, dude's pretty hyphy.

For the most part, hyphy suits him, since he's rambunctious and intense, with a voice that sounds like a hot, gurgling tar machine laying down tar in rush-hour traffic in August. Here, though, he uses his peculiar delivery to complement a beat that's drawn straight from the Doggystyle cutting room -- one that those inclined might kick back and smoke a fat-ass joint to. Somehow, it's a perfect fit.