Artist: Franz Ferdinand Track: "Ulysses" Album: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand Listen

Five years ago, a bunch of Scots named for an Austrian political leader jumped on the bandwagon of dance-rock, then took it to deeper, darker places. I had a roller-coaster relationship with it then; I have one with it now, upon release of their third studio album.

My feelings about Franz Ferdinand were never mixed: I'd love one run through the album, detest the next. One time through, I'd laud angular, punchy tracks like "Jacqueline," which excelled with minor-key desperation and poignant storytelling. The next, I couldn't get past the band's heavy reliance on quick crunches of distortion and cosmopolitan posturing.

On first listen, this track offers, suffers the same things as the bulk of their self-titled debut (and some of the better stuff from a follow-up I never really played much). One saving grace is the rising refrain and the stark, two-count step that always gives their music a feeling of movement and purpose.