Artist: Vetiver Track: "Everyday" Album: Tight Knit Listen

Sometimes freak folk refers only to the company you keep.

In Vetiver's case, friendships with people like Devendra Banhart and Brightblack Morning Light have been more noteworthy than the sounds the band actually puts on record. In reality, their light-hearted tunes have a vaguely rural, countercultural vibe, but they're no weirder than the front side of the new Jason Mraz.

Better, certainly, but not much weirder. Don't worry: These dudes aren't about to dress up like Romanian gypsies in drag. They're just friends with people who do.

Though it continues the soothing tones and gentle delivery of debut To Find Me Gone, the San Francisco band sounds even more accessible here, as if they felt too few were invited onto the feel-good bandwagon back in 2006. "Everyday" is a straightforward acoustic ballad about a man wanting his girl to wait for him. Nothing too out there, just a simple little song done very, very well.