Artist: Flo Rida Track: "Right Round" Listen

Of all the songs from The Wedding Singer that Flo Rida could've updated, I'm glad it was this 1985 dance classic by a band called Dead or Alive. I mean, we could've heard his sexy update of Culture Club's "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" That'd be awful. And we're gonna be hearing the new Flo Rida a lot. A lot.

For the next six months, if you go somewhere people dance after 11 p.m., this song will be played at least once.

Why? Simple: infectious beat, a wall-of-sound synthesizer, blips, boops and a staccato, beat-bound flow style that works in a surprisingly captivating way. It shudders and shimmers and gyrates like the beautiful women it so expertly objectifies. If you're looking to make s--t rain this weekend at Columbus Gold, buy this single from iTunes, where it recently set a new download record.

Though its lyrics imply the song is an ode to oral sex, the emcee told MTV News a different story:

"The song is about a young lady, she might be in the strip club and she's got my head spinning round. Or any young lady that I might see walking past me that's getting my attention. She got it going on! I'm going crazy over her. I might go to the club and make it rain ... in the club on her because she got it going on."

Fun Fact: Put together, Flo Rida spells Florida. Weird!