I don't complain about the lack of grocery stores in the Downtown area, as there is a Kroger in the Brewery District and a Giant Eagle in German Village. Many other people do complain about this, citing it as a primary reason against moving into the city's urban core.

Well, naysayers, check out this news from Anne at ColumbusUnderground.com: "One of the biggest issues usually cited for keeping people from moving to Downtown is the lack of grocery stores. Add to that, people donít like to go grocery shopping in general. We have had quite a few conversations about grocery stores and personal shoppers on Columbus Underground. A new business venture hopes to help fill that void while saving you time and money.

The Express Aisle is an online grocery delivery service that opened for business yesterday. They are based in Italian Village and will deliver your groceries the next day to anywhere in Central Ohio. Or you can schedule your deliveries to fit your schedule."

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