Artist: Judas Priest Track: "Riding on the Wind" Album: Screaming for Vengence

When asked to pick a theme song for the Columbus Blue Jackets likely playoff run, I needed to pick metal. But what metal? A terrifying song about destructing another team? An inspirational track about overcoming adversity? Thanks to Judas Priest, I found one that combines these two dominant themes of heavy metal.

Even sweeter than riding on the wind with bondage-obsessed lead singer Rob Halford would be transforming into a giant, mechanical eagle -- and then riding the wind! King of the skies! Flying high! Preying on s--t! Perhaps making political statements about the legitimacy of a homosexual frontman working in a genre characterized by traditional masculinity!

(Note: If the Jackets win the Stanley Cup, this would also be the song to use in a playoff-run sports montage.)