There's no reason to post this song today. On the other hand, there's no reason not to, especially on a day like today, one full of promise.

Drake, who lived sadly and died young, released better work during a career that was cut short by an overdose of anti-depressants at age 26. But this song is a small glimpse into the rare happy side of his genius, how he might've felt on a good day looking out the window of his parents' home in Warwickshire, where he retreated from the world and eventually died.

His reflective, somber side -- songs that are routinely called "autumnal" -- came easily. This song, it's safe to say, was a step of bravery by a man who was wracked by depression, insomnia and all sorts of dark thoughts that came across on record. To capture the rays of sunlight on Pink Moon, by someone prone to glasses half empty, took work.