Artist: Time and Temperature Track: "June" Album: Trust Apples Listen

Valerie Glenn has returned to the grid a tiny bit -- just enough that her rabid fans (read: me) can enjoy the beautiful music she makes. At this point, I'm kind of a stalker. Val, if you read this, remember that I'm not dangerous. Just smitten with your sound.

For those hearing T&T for the first time (wait, TNT! sweet!), be prepared for melancholy melodies that are as soothing and intoxicating as anything produced in this fair town of ours. I haven't listened to "June" in about two years, but when I heard it again, I knew every word, every delicate pluck of guitar.

She's got a new seven-inch coming out, but I'm still stuck on this track, released via limited-edition cassette EP for like five of her closest friends. I got one second-hand.

Bonus: This version of "June" has even better ambient bird noise!