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We actually got a fall this year in Columbus. Your garden should be overjoyed.

These glorious summer-esque days are perfect for those who put off winterizing maintenance in the garden. If you weren't paying attention several weeks ago, I wrote a bit about the importance of preparing your produce space for cold weather. Call this your second chance.

Barely escaping the horrors of procrastination, I did some year-end to the Hope Grows Community Garden, which I helped plant this year. A few friends and I: Removed debris, weeds, plants and wet leaves Added cow manure and peat moss to tillable space Re-edged beds and garden plot Mulched paths with hardwood chips Cleaned and stored tools

Things looked pretty good and will be much easier to deal with come spring. The only thing left to do is add a protective, weed-discouraging cover to the beds -- probably a triple-shredded hardwood mulch.

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