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Tucked away into a squat cinder-block building in Old North Columbus, you've probably never seen the Kinetic bouldering gym. It looks like a secret hideout, if you can even find it.

Yet owner and builder Tony Reynaldo, a sponsored climber, has brought together a community of dedicated aficionados into the tiny paradise. This space packed with plywood and urethane is where good climbers go to get strong. Considering there's no decent rock in Central Ohio, Reynaldo is filling a crucial niche.

Kinetic works loosely along a co-operative model. Members pay a monthly membership, get a key and climb anytime they want. Members can bring friends for a small fee, and the gym holds occasional orientations and climbing comps, including Gravitational Stimulus 2 on April 29.

There's no top-rope climbing -- the elevated, harnessed-in type you see at Vertical Adventures -- only bouldering. This is a type of free climbing done lower to the ground and requiring strength, flexibility and trickier techniques. Since the ceiling at Kinetic is only about 10 feet high, you do a lot of lateral movement, often around corners, up steep inclines and across the rafters.

The lines are amazing, though most are too difficult for weekend warriors. Reynaldo is one of the premier holds designers in the country, so you'll always get new stuff to hang on. Before he sends his molds to Rock Candy or other popular manufacturers, climbers get to try out his latest, craziest creations.

While not for everyone, this is an awesome answer to a relatively flat part of the state. If you're looking to join or learn more, contact Reynaldo here.

View larger image Kinetic owner Tony Reynaldo