Blendon Woods is among the most popular of the country's Metro Parks, and it's safe to say that it gets a good share of visits during the fall, when its namesake forests are splattered with color.

Blendon Woods Metro Park 4265 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., Westerville 614-891-0700 Homepage

If you're looking for a good, easy hike, try this. Start at the ranger station and take the 1.6-mile loop formed by the Brookside, Hickory Ridge and Overlook trails. It's a good one in any season. Here's some of what you'll see.

View larger image The bridges that line the path span quiet creeks and small, meandering brooks.

View larger image A lone hiker eyes a canopy in peak color. The park's oranges and yellows are especially amazing.

View larger image As you can see from this long, winding road, the grade at Blendon is very forgiving. On this loop, you'll only have one set of steps, then mostly flat walking.

View larger image A thick bed of leaves covers one of the creek beds along the Brookside trail.

View larger image Flowers and grasses in Blendon's many fields complement the leafy hues higher off the ground.

View larger image There were even a few remaining wildflowers...

View larger image As you can see from the first and last photos, even the access roads provide a great way to see the seasons change.