Exotic animals are usually the draw, but Brew at the Zoo guests came to taste exotic beers from around the world at Friday's bash, supporting the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Each guest got a "beer passport" with their ticket, which offered 12 samples of brews accompanied by drinking fare like chipotle chicken sandwiches, wings and mini Cuban sandwiches. Much appreciated was the wine table set up this year to meet the needs of non-beer drinkers, such as yours truly.

The Nate McDonough band rocked the stage and the entourage even joined the crowd at the end of the evening to groove on the makeshift dance floor. The night was a blast, but most entertaining for us was meeting the evening's emcee, CD101's Andyman Davis. We shared a table with this humble Columbus icon, who was thrilled to contribute his time to Brew at the Zoo once again.

"It's an honor to be asked back three times," Andyman said. "I really appreciate it, especially since last year at this time I had finished all the beer!"