The gang from 1460 The Fan answer the most pressing questions in sports.

The crew from 1460 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Tony Castricone Milan Jordan Mike Ricordati Lori Schmidt Ashlee the Fan Girl "Forbes" says Tressel is the most underpaid college coach. Does he deserve a raise? I think the other coaches deserve a pay cut. But Tress should be on par with the best. He should be one of the top-paid coaches. However, when you factor in salary plus all the perks big-time coaches get, it's amazing how much money they make. Yes, if he wins another national title. If not, he'll have to be happy with his $2 million-plus. Yes, he deserves a raise. He still makes less than the average SEC player. Look at his record at Ohio State. He definitely deserves a raise, especially if he's earning less than eight of his coaching peers. What's the biggest pre-season question for the Buckeyes? How on earth do they stop ju-co transfer QB Boo Jackson and the mighty Ohio Bobcats?! How many days 'til the season starts? Which Todd Boeckman will we see? If it's the quarterback that finished up last season, the Bucks may have a problem. Whether we'll see the Todd Boeckman from the start of last season, or the Todd Boeckman who struggled a bit in the last half of the year. Will they make it to the National Championship game a third year in a row? What's your best draft tip for fantasy football players? Don't play. Do something better with your time. Don't over-think every pick. After all, you're picking for a fantasy team, not a real NFL team. Drink heavily. Get out. Get out while there's still time. There are better things to have fantasies about. RB, RB, WR, QB, TE ... That's what I did! I would also say to think about some of the rookies this year. They could blow up. What's next for Michael Phelps? Made-for-TV movie starring Tony Danza, with Elizabeth Taylor as his mom. Enjoying the life of a sports icon for a few weeks, then go back into relative obscurity for the next four years. Millions upon millions in the world of commercials. And he deserves every penny. I hope they cast him as the star in Aquaman: The Movie. I don't think the next "Michael Phelps" is alive. That guy in incredible. He broke a record for most gold medals that was set before he was even born!