Red wine drinkers, rejoice! Your favorite sipping weather is just around the corner.

Red wine drinkers, rejoice! Your favorite sipping weather is just around the corner.

If you're more excited than a kid at Christmas and simply can't wait a few more weeks, Josh Shapiro at the Short North's Vino 100 has a couple suggestions to temper your taste buds.

Consider these light reds and roses: all are from France, where wines take the name of their growing regions, and a couple of them can be chilled. Clearly, they're the best choice for a mid-September cheers to the end of summer. -Brittany Kress

Pierre Chermette Beaujolais (2007)

Region: Beaujolais

Cost: $16

Flavors: Light berry and cherry, not heavy with acidity or on the tongue

Pairs well with: Light meat like chicken, salmon or pork

Who'll enjoy it: Red-wine drinkers who enjoy the old-world style of more muted flavors

Josh Shapiro's advice: "If it's a hot day, you can put a little bit of a chill on it. My friends actually oftentimes serve it with a little bit of a chill."

Pezat Bordeaux Rose (2006)

Region: Bordeaux

Cost: $15

Flavors: Light and dry, with lots of strawberry

Pairs well with: Chicken, tilapia with caper sauce, turkey chili or even hot dogs

Who'll enjoy it: Chill it as a hot-day solution for a red-wine drinker ready for fall

Josh Shapiro's advice: "Everyone thinks of a rose as a white zin. But in France, they've been drinking it for centuries, and it's always been a dry red wine."

Nicolas Potel Bourgogne (2005)

Region: Bourgogne

Cost: $23

Flavors: Muted fruit, earthy flavors and strongly acidic finish

Pairs well with: Turkey (think Thanksgiving), quail, pork chops or chili

Who'll enjoy it: Someone who loves American-style pinot noir won't go for this dinner-table version

Josh Shapiro's advice: "Acid in a wine actually makes you hungry. It's built to be consumed with food, whereas a lot of American pinots are made to be stand-alone wines."