The crew from 1460 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Tony Castricone Scott Torgerson Clair the Fan Girl Mike Ricordati Milan Jordan What football stadium has the best atmosphere in the Big Ten? Penn State. Used to be the 'Shoe, and it still might be for Michigan games, but the Nittanies bring it every time. Penn State Beaver Stadium's White Out makes a pretty intimidating atmosphere. But nothing beats the 'Shoe with its sheer numbers. Penn State Camp Randall at Wisconsin, with Penn State's Beaver Stadium a close second. Anytime an entire stadium shakes because of the crowd, that's a great atmosphere. What's your prediction for the score of the OSU-Purdue game? Ohio State 27-9. Boilers can move the ball, but they aren't finishing drives. Ohio State 34-10. Purdue really stinks. Ohio State 27-7, though I'm still at a loss for which team is going to show up week to week. Ohio State 42-17. If the Buckeyes play up to their capabilities, it shouldn't even be close. Ohio State 38-10. Purdue's defense stinks, and I think Terrelle Pryor utilizes a little more of the playbook each week. Will the Cubs ever win another World Series? I hope not. Baseball's more interesting when long-suffering fans are involved. An Indians-Cubs series sure would be interesting. Never, I'm convinced. And I hate myself for cheering for them every year! Magic 8-Ball says ask again later. Never say never. But it certainly doesn't look likely. Yes, when Bud Selig buys the Cubs and contracts the other 29 MLB teams. In honor of Italian Festival this weekend, what's your favorite Italian export? My family! Sophia Loren. She's still hot at 74. I love traditional cannoli with pistachios on the end - major childhood memories there. Although I do enjoy a rousing bocce match, too. My mother My wife Meghan is part Italian, so if I say anything other than her, I'll be headed to the couch!