The crew from 1460 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Ted Holbrook Scott Torgerson Lori Schmidt Tony Castricone Lydia the Fan Girl What was biggest surprise during OSU's 45-7 win over Michigan State? Scoring 21 points in the first quarter. Wow! No surprise - I knew Michigan State stinks! Play-action pass on first down? I almost had a heart attack! Everything The hustle from the Buckeyes. It's been an iffy season, performance- wise, and it was great to finally see them step up in such a big away game. What's your prediction for the score of the OSU-Penn State game? Ohio State, 24-17. Two very good teams, but the emotion of playing a night game at home makes the difference. Scarlet Fever at the 'Shoe! Ohio State, 24-21. It's the first test for Penn State and they will catch Scarlet Fever! Ohio State, 20-13. OSU fans disrupt Penn State and Nittany Lions show that they have yet to face a quality opponent this year. Why on Earth would you want my prediction? Last week I said MSU would win 17-16. Ohio State, 31-24. It'll be close enough to be exciting but a good enough win so the Buckeyes can keep working on their credibility. What's the best way to spend all day getting ready for an 8 p.m. game? Hanging out at the Paul Keels pregame tailgating party. Oh yeah. Drinking and eating and listening to 1460 The Fan's pregame show starting at 3 p.m. Watch a game that kicks off at noon, attend the Ohio State men's basketball scrimmage, then tailgate while listening to The Fan. Lots of beer, friends, other games on TV and five hours' worth of pregame coverage on 1460 the Fan in the background! Sleeping in, catching SportsCenter and grilling out! Who's your pick to win the World Series? Tampa Bay Rays in five games. The Rays' pitching will shut down the Phillies' hitters. Tampa Bay in seven. What's not to like? These guys play like a team. Tampa Bay may seem like the team of destiny, but the Phillies have the edge with a better bullpen and more playoff experience. Tampa Bay, because I love underdogs and the National League is weak sauce. In the end I think the Phillies will take this one. The Rays have had a miraculous season but they've reached the end of their luck.