The crew from 1460 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Ted Holbrook Scott Torgerson Mike Ricordati Tony Castricone Lydia the Fan Girl Are the two-loss Buckeyes underachievers, or were expectations too high? Underachievers. It was BCS Championship or bust for this team. This team has the talent to win the championship. Major disappointment. Saying expectations are too high is a cop-out. This team has underachieved. Expectations were too high. Hindsight shows they never really beat anyone the last two years. The offense hasn't been a threat to good teams since 2006. Let's not forget we lost two games last year and still made it to the championship. Will the Crew bandwagon get bigger with their appearance in the MLS playoffs? If there's one thing this town likes, it's a winner. So as long as the Crew keeps winning, the wagon will fill up. Sure, everyone loves a winner! You bet. That's just human nature. Don't ask me ... I'm not a soccer guy. But I hope they fill the stadium and do well. No. We're a futbol Americano town. The Blue Jackets' season so far: trick or treat? Trick. This team needs to start winning more games and quit having so many injuries. Trick. Come on, did you really think they'd make the playoffs? You gotta spend money in this league to win, and they're still $8 million under the cap. Trick. Ask me again in two months. Trick. Not nice of the league to put four of the first five games on the road. Trick! What's your Halloween costume this year? I'm going as a staph infection because all the cool kids have it. I'm not sure, but my kids will be dressed as Thomas the Tank Engine and Sammy Sosa. I'm going as Chris Spielman. In preparation for the role, I haven't washed in 27 days. Super Mario, but a lot more drinking beer and a lot less eating mushrooms. Princess Peach