The crew from 1460 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Ted Holbrook Lori Schmidt Mike Ricordati Tony Castricone Lydia the Fan Girl What's your prediction for the OSU-Northwestern game? Ohio State, 45-10. The Wildcats lost 58-7 last year and not much has changed. Ohio State, 24-10. Coach Tressel's teams struggle after bye weeks, but this is Northwestern. Ohio State, 28-10. The OSU defense shouldn't have a problem stopping Northwestern's "gimmick" offense. OSU big, like 35-7. But only if they protect Pryor and go over the top. Northwestern has a good D-line. Buckeyes dominate, 31-17. What was the most surprising thing about the Bengals' first win on Sunday? Winning with a quarterback who played at Harvard. That they won. And that coach Marvin Lewis didn't wear a helmet to keep No. 85 from kissing his cheek. It was surprising that they didn't blow it at the end. The win part. That they won. Who's the team to watch this year in the NBA? The Celtics and Lakers will dominate again, but I'll enjoy watching Portland and Oden if he can stay healthy. It will be interesting to find out if Boston created a good team or a dynasty when they signed K.G. before last season. The Bulls! For no reason other than that's the team I root for. I don't know, or care. But I'll be rooting for Greg Oden in Portland. Nicest guy ever. Who watches the NBA? What's your best money-saving tip for tough economic times? Cutting coupons from your Sunday Dispatch. I'm a company man. Use the fuel perks from your local grocery store. The increasing price of food is the only reason I can afford to fill up my tank. Spread the wealth, baby. Oh, wait Buy all the gas you can while it's cheap, then when it spikes, become a door-to-door gas salesman. Natural Light