The crew from 1460 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Ted Holbrook Milan Jordan Scott Torgerson Clair the Fan Girl Lindsay the Fan Girl What's your prediction for the OSU-Illinois game? Ohio State, 27-17. The Illini will keep it close because, unlike Northwestern, they do have some great athletes on their team. Ohio State wins ugly, 17-14. The Buckeyes always seem to struggle at Illinois. Add in Memorial Stadium along with the elements, and you'll get a close game. Illinois, 27-24. Ohio State can't stop Juice Williams. Ohio State, 34-10. The Buckeyes need to make a big dent in the Illini to send a message for the last two years. Ohio State, 38-14. I think that sounds good. Don't you? What's the best thing about visiting Champaign-Urbana? The wonderful pig-farm smell at the stadium. The end of your trip. Leaving Showing folks in Illinois how to tailgate! They are a sorry representative of Midwestern tailgating. So far, nothing. When we called to find the best place to park our tailgating camper, the university suggested Wal-Mart. How should Crew fans greet Chicago's Brian McBride at Thursday's conference championship match? reat him with respect. As Ron Burgundy would say, "Stay classy, Columbus." With complete silence. Act like he's just another player. I'm sure the rowdy fans in Nordecke will come up with something even more creative. With booooooos Get the Crew Cat to challenge him to a duel. Brian McBride is so hot. I'm sorry, what was the question? I can greet him. What James Bond gadget do you wish you had? Aston Martin. It looks cool and has multiple gadgets. Forget the gadgets - how about a martini? His chicks I'm a major motorhead, so any of his cars would be fine by me. Do his little beach briefs count as a gadget? I'm pretty fond of the rappelling belt. You never know when you're going to want to jump off the side of a building.