The crew from 1460 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Ted Holbrook Tony Castricone Scott Torgerson Lori Schmidt Whitney the Fan Girl What's your prediction for the OSU-Michigan game? Ohio State, 41-10. Michigan is bad and Ohio State is good. Enough said. Ohio State, 24-3. Michigan's offense is just awful. Maybe an accidental TD, but that's it. Ohio State, 34-9. Michigan really stinks. Ohio State, 45-6. The Buckeye seniors want to end on a high note, and Tressel would love to welcome Rich Rod to the rivalry. Buckeyes, 5,000-0. With the Buckeyes' dominance and the Wolverines' decline, has the rivalry lost any passion? It has lost passion nationally because the Wolverines are horrible, but it will always be huge here in Columbus. Not for the players and coaches, but definitely outside the programs. Only on the Michigan side, because they are bandwagon fans. It helps that Rich Rodriguez has landed in Ann Arbor, providing OSU fans and players a new target for their venom. Absolutely not. My feelings towards our neighbors up north are just as passionate as they would be if everyone didn't know they aren't any good at football. If the Crew wins the MLS Cup, will Columbus care? They will for one day, and then the focus will switch to what bowl game the Buckeyes are going to. Not if OSU loses to Michigan Yes - everyone loves a winner. I went to my first game last week and it was awesome! The Crew has a devoted fan base that has waited years for a trip to the championship. Their enthusiasm will be contagious. Go Crew! I know some Crew fans whose excitement would definitely rub off on the rest of Columbus. What's on your holiday wish list this year? I would like a Buckeye bowl win against any SEC school. I want everyone to come to Callahan's tonight for the Music Loves Ohio charity kickoff! Brian Roberts for my Cubbies! My Christmas wish is for baseball to lose the designated hitter, the Blue Jackets to make the postseason, and for Mark May to get a nice, warm scarlet sweater vest. A hot date for the ballet!