The crew from 1460 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Ted Holbrook Tony Castricone Scott Torgerson Milan Jordan Lydia the Fan Girl What's the most surprising thing about the OSU men's basketball team's 6-0 start? Dallas Lauderdale. He barely played last season and now he's having a huge impact. The Notre Dame win. I thought OSU would be a tournament team, but the ND win surprised me. Wins versus Miami and Notre Dame away from home. That they are 6-0. The best part is this team will only get better as the season goes on. I'm not surprised. What do you expect from the OSU women's basketball team this year? I expect them to finally make the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament. I guess the same as every year: Big Ten champs. Tournament busts. I don't follow women's hoops, so I expect an NCAA title. If recent history is any indication, a conference title, a high seed in the NCAA tournament, followed by a disappointing first-round exit. Hopefully, I'm proven wrong. Nothing but the best. Should another NHL team take a chance on the outspoken Sean Avery? A veteran team should pick him up. He didn't break any laws. The outspoken part doesn't matter. It's the fact his teammates hate him that's the problem. Yes, the guy can play. Let him get his head straight and then let him back in. I'd like to see him "Carry the Flag" - those guys could use some attitude. Yes. Last time I checked it was the NHL, not the PC-HL. I'm sure there are plenty of coaches/GMs out there who think they can control a player. Who wants the Stars' sloppy seconds? What's the best Christmas present you've re-gifted? A defective label maker. I've never had the heart to do that, but it'd probably de-clutter my place greatly. No comment - my wife could read this. I can't say ... someone will find out this year. I don't do such things - it's lazy. I enjoy shopping too much.