The crew from 1460 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Ted Holbrook Tony Castricone Lori Schmidt Mike Ricordati Clair the Fan Girl Can anyone challenge the SEC's dominance in college football? Florida was dominant but the rest of the conference was overrated this season ... just ask Utah. Nope. Hands-down the best league for pigskin. Not until the SEC is banned from signing more recruits than they have scholarships for, bowls are played up north and other leagues start paying more for assistant coaches. The past few years, no. But these things have a way of coming full circle. They won't dominate forever. Can I throw up now? Who's your pick to win the AFC Championship? The Steelers will win because Big Ben will outplay the rookie Joe Flacco. Steelers win, 9-6. All field goals, which makes it awesome. Pittsburgh. Baltimore is battling too many injuries and the Steelers have home field advantage. Steelers I think the Steelers are hot right now, but I'm not sure how long Big Ben's noggin is going to last. Who's your pick to win the NFC Championship? Cardinals. Cinderella upsets the Eagles and heads to the Super Bowl. Eagles win, 24-23. The Eagles are the better team, but the Cardinals have their mojo working. Plus, I just can't imagine an all- Pennsylvania Super Bowl. Cardinals Arizona, just because they have more motivation to get to the big game. What can Eric Mangini do to turn around the Browns? Bring a new attitude and some discipline to a team that desperately needs it. Better math - use the clock and timeouts wisely. The Browns are a team in search of an identity. He has to develop a team philosophy and then stick with it. Change the culture in the locker room. And most important, have a good working relationship with the yet-to-be-hired personnel boss. Employ discipline and do not make friends with the players.