The crew from 1460 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Ted Holbrook Tony Castricone Milan Jordan Mike Ricordati Lydia the Fan Girl Tampa Bay in the World Series, Arizona in the Super Bowl what postseason milestone is next? Blue Jackets compete for the Stanley Cup! Ohio Bobcats making the Sweet 16! A team from Cleveland winning a world championship. At which time I will cry like a baby and wait for the world to end. Cubs win the wait. Scratch that. A good Super Bowl halftime show. How badly will the Buckeyes miss the NFL-bound Beanie Wells? They will miss him but someone always steps up. Next man up is Boom Herron. Not that badly. He was always hurt, not that tough, and there's still pretty strong talent on the depth chart for next year. You always miss a talent like Beanie Wells, but I'm confident Boom Herron will do a good job of filling the void. I think Wells leaving is a good thing. This offense should have more of an identity next season. The Buckeyes will feel his absence, but a new star will emerge. Does the Blue Jackets' Chili Chant make you hungry for goals or hungry for lunch? I like chili but I'd like to see more goals from the CBJ. It makes me hungry for a new chant. Lunch Who came up with this one? It just reminds me how cold I am sitting in an ice-filled arena. What's the most annoying thing cells phones have brought to sports? The idiots behind home plate who feel it's necessary to wave to the camera. I hate those people. They make me think two things: end zone celebrations and Drew Rosenhaus. Both are heinously annoying. Ringing during a press conference. Nothing's more annoying than when a coach is saying something important and you hear a bad synthesizer version of 50 Cent's "In Da Club." The moron waving at the camera from the stands. Yes, your family can see you. And yes, you are stupid. "Who Let the Dogs Out?" ringtones and tiger-striped faceplates.