Free ringtones, anyone? This industrious site allows you to select a snippet of a song in your computer's digital music library and upload it to your phone in a text message. The process is slightly more complicated for Verizon customers, but that didn't keep the buddy who showed me the site from creating tones for "Tiny Dancer," "More Than a Feeling" and "What's Your Fantasy." Myxer also allows you to create cell phone wallpaper from photos and images on your hard drive. One caveat: I couldn't get this to work on my phone (a Motorola W755) because it would only allow me to save the song clip as a "sound," not a "ringtone."

Muxtape is back, and this time it's legit. When the upstart site began last spring, it offered users the chance to upload songs and build an online mixtape of up to 12 tracks - a music geek's ideal take on the e-card. But without the proper legal approval, the site shut down almost as rapidly as it spread across the internet. Now it's relaunched as a MySpace-style tool for bands to promote their music. Acts like Of Montreal and Girl Talk have official Muxtape pages, and any band will be able to sign up for a page in the coming weeks. Users can still build mixes, but instead of uploading tracks of their choosing, they must use songs that are already available through Muxtape. Better than nothing!