The crew from 1460 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Ted Holbrook Lori Schmidt Milan Jordan Mike Ricordati Tony Castricone What was the best moment of Super Bowl XLIII? James Harrison running 100 yards for the touchdown. When James Harrison represented the Mid- American Conference, rumbling 100 yards for a touchdown. In a game filled with great moments, I've got to go with the game-winning touchdown, cementing former Buckeye Santonio Holmes' name in Super Bowl lore. Even though the Santonio Holmes catch was great, James Harrison's pick-six was the moment. The best was the game-winning TD, but my favorite was the big dude running 100 yards for the score before halftime. What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? I enjoyed Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. I liked Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. "Oh, Sheeee- eeeeeep!" The CareerBuilder spot was funny, but got too redundant. Other than that, nothing really stuck out for me. They all stunk. The company meeting with mandatory Bud Light. What advice do you have for Michael Phelps for his next photo shoot? Listen to Mr. Mackey from South Park. Drugs are bad, m'kay? Umm How about lose the bong? Where there's smoke ... there's fire. I think he should pose with a mule, a dwarf and a case of Red Bull. More gold medals, less weed. What's your favorite exercise that doesn't feel like a fitness regimen? Ice skating or snow skiing My dog loves to play fetch he steals my socks and I have to fetch them. Riding the stationary bike. I can read or watch TV while I'm doing it. Kinda like sitting on my couch, but without the bag of chips. The sprint up the stairs. Even if I've just eaten a whole bag of chips, that sprint up the stairs should burn it all off. Or at least half a calorie. Columbus Marathon 2009!