Interview with comedienne Tammy Pescatelli

Name: Tammy Pescatelli

Age: 39

Hometown: Perry, Ohio

Years in Comedy: 15

You were just voted top female comic in Comedy Central's "Stand-up Showdown." What else is new with you?

Lots of good stuff. Personally, I got married, I had a baby [and I'm] just really enjoying my life, getting all kinds of new material from it. I'm getting ready for an hour special and I just had a film come out [Everybody Wants to Be Italian].

You were also on Game Show Network's Poker Royale: Comedians vs. Pros a few years back.

We had a great time. I beat all the comics, and only lost to the main pro, Phil Laak, so I can't complain.

Were you a big poker player going into that show?

No. To tell you the truth, it was all about the bluff. Let's be honest, I had nothing to lose. The comics that were on were crazy good comics, like Robert Wuhl, Mark Curry, Carol Leifer, Paul Rodriguez - all people who have had Emmys and People's Choice Awards.

Do you get back home to Ohio much?

Absolutely. I don't make it back to work as often as often as I'd like, but I'm there. We actually have a house in Pennsylvania where a lot of my family has now gravitated to.

Do you alter your set for the Midwest, as opposed to when you're on the coasts?

In the words of Madonna, "I don't compromise my artistic integrity." The audience will find you. I will talk about local things if I know [about them]. There's no way I could go to Ohio and not talk about the Browns, Indians, Buckeyes and Bengals. You can't not do that, because that plays such a big role in Ohio life.

You once said that our teams are probably why we end up in so many dysfunctional relationships. Do you still get wrapped up in it?

I do begrudgingly. [It's like the show] Addiction. Once you get clean you can't delve into it again. You have to watch it from afar. I still love them, and I still hold out hope, but it's so disappointing.

My husband is from New York and he's so used to being on top with all those teams. We were watching the Fiesta Bowl and he said, "They're going to win!" I'm like, "It's not over yet."

Of course the Buckeyes lost. He said, "I don't understand how that happened." I told him, "I don't know how you don't understand. It happens to us all the time!"