The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Ted Holbrook Lori Schmidt Milan Jordan Scott Torgerson Tony Castricone What was the best part of the NBA All-Star Game? I don't watch all-star games. They are terrible. The reunion of Kobe and Shaq. It was as awkward as a junior high dance. I love the high scoring of the NBA All-Star Game, but there wasn't enough playground ball. Defense? The skills competition. Now that David Stern ditched the WNBA players' involvement, it is fun again. Wait, people actually watch that? At mid season, how do you rate the Cavs' chances to reach the finals? 9. They have to beat the Celtics, but that's the only road block in their way. 8. Boston still stands between the Cavs and a trip to the finals. 9. After almost beating the Celtics last year, the Cavs have vastly improved, while Boston lost a couple of key components. 8 without a trade; 9.5 with a trade. They have to get a power forward who can defend. You can't let the Lamar Odoms score 28 on you. It's gonna be them or the Celtics so let's call it 50-50. How can baseball move past the steroid scandal? Buy every media outlet and forbid them to talk about it. Perhaps hundreds of players broke the law, benefited from cheating and never paid a price. Until that changes and ownership owns up to their role in the mess, good luck! Acknowledge everyone's role in the matter. Then announce a stricter policy. Do it all at one time, so everybody can move on. Have the players come clean. Derek Jeter asked, "Can we move on and play baseball?" Sure, if the players quit doing 'roids. Baseball has moved past it - they've got penalties in place. It's the media that needs to get over it. What movie should win the Oscar for Best Picture on Sunday? Quantum of Solace was my favorite movie of 2008. Wall-E was brilliant. Step Brothers. Don't touch my drum set! Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Pretty funny and I actually watched it, unlike the nominees. I looked at a list of the top 50 movies, and I've only seen one. So ta-da! Benjamin Button.