"You know those things that are borderline ugly? It's like, this is ugly, but I ... like it."

Job: fourth-year OSU dental student

Neighborhood: Victorian Village

Hometown: Fostoria

Label your style: "funky vintage"

Where do you like to shop?

I hate going to Easton, but I'll go there out of necessity and get a couple basics. And then my favorite vintage store is Mad 4 Mod in Clintonville. And I also go to Mary Catherine's, an antique store that has really cool jewelry.

It seems like you like grandma-y things.

You know those things that are borderline ugly? It's like, this is ugly, but I ... like it.

What do you think influences your style?

My whole life, I've been dragged by my mom to antique stores, which I absolutely hated - so boring. But eventually I started finding something I could actually shop for when I was with her.

What's your splurge?

Jeans. At Filene's, if I'm lucky, I can get a deal. My favorites are probably Paper Denim.

So do you have a big clothing collection?

No, I don't. I'm totally a minimalist. Accessories, I have a lot of. But I'll wear the same black T-shirt dress a million times with a shirt or a jacket or whatever.

What other favorites are in your closet?

I have a really cool embroidered belt from Chile that I got at Mad 4 Mod that I love. I have a good collection of grandma-ish purses. I love T-shirts that look old - like American Apparel light gray or concert T-shirts. I'm kind of a sucker for getting T-shirts at concerts if I'm into the band.

The outfit:

T-shirt dress: Gap

Shirt: from a thrift store - "I've had it forever."

Belt: Urban Outfitters

Bracelets: from Mary Catherine's. "It's not anything fancy or high-end or whatever, but I like it."

Bag: from the Eclectiques Antique Mall in Clintonville. "It's super-old. I had to take it to a shoe guy to have it sewn, and it already ripped. That's the thing about old purses - you always have to pay to have them patched up."

Boots: Bakers

Leaf necklace: from her grandma