9. "Pump Up the Volume" (1990)

Through nightly pirate radio broadcasts filled with chronic masturbation and self-loathing, Christian Slater's Mark Hunter/aka Happy Harry Hard-On unleashed the Id raging inside all those shy, unassuming kids sitting quietly in the back of the class. Harry takes his corrupt high school and the Arizona suburbs by storm, becoming a hero to students by exposing teen struggles like depression, awkwardness and sexual frustration, while drawing the contempt of the community and eventually the F.C.C. The accompanying soundtrack introduced American youths to some of the most poignant music of the era.

Angst-ometer rating: 7

Sample quote: "Everything decent has been done. All the great themes have been used up, turned into theme parks. So I don't really find it exactly cheerful to be living in the middle of a totally, like, exhausted decade where there's nothing to look forward to and no one to look up to."

Pump Up The Volume (Theatrical Trailer)

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