Lil Wayne, "Hot Revolver"

Weezy F. Baby will release a rock concept record May 19. Its second single - a fascinating rap-rock hybrid - proves that Rebirth won't be the worst idea of all time.

Blooms & Butterflies

There's no better time to visit Franklin Park Conservatory than during the annual celebration of flowers and flying insects in the pristine Pacific Island biome. The exhibit runs through Sept. 7.

Who knew there were so many taco trucks in Columbus? A collaboration between two local food bloggers, this site seeks out these elusive street-food vendors and reviews their offerings. A Taco Truck Map reveals that most taco hawkers hang out on the West Side, and a Taco Terms list that explains the difference between barbacoa (shredded beef) and carne asada (roasted beef).

Spicy Thai Noodle Salad

Plenty of delicious choices abound at Cafe Lola, one of Downtown's best lunch spots and an Alive office standby. Top on the list is this concoction of cold noodles, grilled chicken, greens and sweet peanut sauce with a kick.

LaLa went through a few identity crises before evolving into this most magical of music sites, a nearly limitless library of tunes to be streamed for free on demand. For 10 cents per song, you can build an always-accessible online library, constructing playlists to your heart's content with acts as diverse as Marvin Gaye, The Roches and El Jesus de Magico.

Chef Lui's Grille

Lui Boskovski waits outside Alive's office daily to deliver what we crave, whether that's massive Italian sausage, an overstuffed gyro or just friendly banter with the Macedonian native. Find his cart on East Broad Street across from the Statehouse and meet one of Columbus' unique characters.

"Reno 911"

Comedy Central's hilarious COPS parody is back for a sixth season with a few cast tweaks - Garcia, Clemmy and Kimball are out, while Joe Lo Truglio (The State) and Ian Roberts (Upright Citizens Brigade) are in. But there's one thing we can always count on from Reno's finest: Dangle's short shorts!

"The Dot and the Line"

Chuck Jones' delightful, Oscar-winning animated short shows how love for a red dot can make a safe, straight line aim for geometric glory. It's on view through May 1 on Time Warner Free Movies on Demand.