The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Tony Castricone Ted Holbrook Mike Ricordati Milan Jordan Clair the Fan Girl What's the best thing about the Blue Jackets' first run at the playoffs? I love crunching the numbers to see how close they are to getting in or getting a certain seed. Everything. The intensity, the excitement, listening to George Matthews go crazy on the radio. It's all great. The excitement it brings to the city. Hockey fan or not, playoff action is a good time. The ride they've taken their fans on. Jackets fans have been starving for playoff hockey, and Columbus will go crazy come playoff time. That it is the first run! Should Crew fans be worried about their 0-2-2 start? Sure, but it's a long season. They'll bounce back. I think it gets plenty of attention on ESPN and yet nobody watches it. Ummm, yes? It's a long season, so I wouldn't worry - unless I'm asked this question again in a month. How many games do they play, like 3,000? I think they'll be fine. Should the NCAA women's basketball tournament get more attention? No. It already gets too much attention. The public does not demand the coverage it gets. I think it gets plenty of attention on ESPN and yet nobody watches it. No. Next question. Only if ESPN can promote the games ad nauseam, including for about 10 minutes during each "SportsCenter" ... Oh wait, they already do. If it generated more revenue it would get more attention. Sad, but the truth hurts. If 97.1 The Fan were a restaurant, what would your job be? Cook, waiter, bartender, opener, closer and "Buckeye Warm-Up" host. I would be the dishwasher - the guy in the back cleaning up everyone's mess. Bus boy Cleaning up puke around the bar and people's bad aim in the bathroom. I think all the Fan Girls would be that crazy lady who comes to the table and makes balloon animals for kids!