April 15th was tax day. For most Americans, it's not our favorite day, yet we comply. We write the check; we lick the stamp.

April 15th was tax day. For most Americans, it's not our favorite day, yet we comply. We write the check; we lick the stamp.

We are sheep, prostrating ourselves to the tyranny of a government that provides us only municipal service, a social safety net and a military security apparatus second to none.

But, I think you will also join me in saying "enough is enough." Isn't it time we abolish this government and let globo-corps take care of this for us? In hundreds of cities, conservatives took to the streets on tax day with symbolic, mostly landlocked, tea parties to protest the government.

There were impassioned speeches, hard-working Americans who wanted to get involved, people who were on message and people whose theatrical flair made it impossible to take them seriously ... even if you agree with them.

While at times eccentric, this grassroots conservative protest was not some left-wing fringe movement. It's not like someone went so far as to portray the president of the United States as Adolf Hitler. Wait - actually, they did.

Have the conservatives, only two-and-a-half months out of power, become everything they hate about the loony left? Let's take a closer look at this protest.

The right complains bitterly about the left's use of celebrities, musicians and children as props at their protests. So you wouldn't expect to see Northern Exposure's Janine Turner, actual northern exposure's Ted Nugent, and children as props at the tea parties. But they were there.

At least the right doesn't hurl cavalier accusations of fascism like the left did at Bush. You won't find that kind of fascism invective at a tea party. Well, OK, you won't find that talk from the protesters. Unfortunately, the Fox News reporters are a different story.

"Guys, when are we going to wake up and start fighting the fascism that seems to be permeating this country?" asked Fox Business News reporter Cody Willard.

So this tea party movement is like Freaky Friday. Apparently the right and the left touched some magic skull at the same time and now everything is reversed. Everything that the right hated, they now embrace.

Fox is now the voice of the people's revolution. They're the hippie station, they're NPR, they're Democracy Now. In our new world order, Fox are the hippies and CNN is The Man. What does that make MSNBC?

Take a look at some of the network's tea-party coverage: "It's going to be tea-bagging day for the right wing, and they are going nuts for it. ... They want to give President Obama a strong tongue-lashing, and lick government spending. ... And they don't want to tea-bag alone, if that's even possible. They want you to tea-bag, too."

With hours of scrotum-based humor, MSNBC has become ... us. If they are the Daily Show, what the hell am I supposed to do? I am not going back to waiting tables, I'll tell you that much!