The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Tony Castricone Ted Holbrook Mike Ricordati Milan Jordan Scott Torgerson On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate the Blue Jackets' playoff performance? 2, because Game 4 was a thriller. No disrespect - I'm really proud - but the playoffs weren't pretty 4, thanks to their excellent performance in Game 4. 1. How can I give them anything better? They didn't win a game. Now, the season as a whole gets a different number. 2. As good as they played in Game 4, they still failed to win a game and were, for the most part, dominated by Detroit. 2. Not showing up for Games 1 though 3 is unacceptable. What should the Jackets do in the off-season to improve for next year? Find a way to get deeper and improve the power play. They desperately need a defenseman who can run the point on the power play. Get a backup goalie and a guy who can run the point on power plays. Find a puck-handling defenseman who can play the point on the power play. Two defensemen and a backup goalie, and please do not bring back Backman and Malhotra. What questions did the Buckeyes answer at the Spring Game? No questions are ever answered at spring games. It's just a practice. Terrelle Pryor looked great and that's all that matters. None. Talk to me in August. If it's sunny and warm enough, they (95,722) will come. Pryor can pass. Who was the biggest winner at the NFL Draft? Darrius Heyward-Bey, making huge coin off of Al Davis' stupidity. The Bengals, because it's the first time in a decade they didn't mess up the draft. New York City bar owners. The drunk fans in attendance needed to get sauced somewhere. Mel Kiper's hair. Even after 15-plus hours of coverage, not one hair was out of place. Me. I got to watch both days, drink beer and eat tons of junk food because I told my wife it was "work research."