"Sunday Night Baseball"

There's nothing better on a lazy Sunday evening than ESPN's weekly highlight match-up. This summer the broadcast stepped up its game with the addition of analyst Steve Phillips.

Amusement park press materials

Who wants to ride a rollercoaster described on plain, white paper? The Diamondback at Kings Island is "fast and full of venom," and the marketing mail shows it. The park in Mason is now open weekends.

Tim Easton, "Porcupine"

The singer-songwriter's sixth studio album is another batch of likeable folk influenced irreparably by Bob Dylan. Pick up a limited-edition, hand-painted vinyl version for $40 at Yeah, Me Too, a cozy Clintonville coffee shop at 3005 Indianola Ave.

Benjamin Linus

Lost's bug-eyed bad guy-turned-morally gray manipulator is the most fascinating character on TV's most intricate show. The more we learn about Linus the liar, the less we can nail him down. How will he surprise us in Lost's two-hour season finale? Find out at 9 p.m. Wednesday, May 13, on ABC.

[Michael Emerson/ABC photo]

Phoenix, "Lisztomania"

The band's latest disc doesn't come out until the 26th, yet this is the second song from it to make this list. We'd call it insidiously catchy but that's too harsh an adverb for such a delightful taste of pop.

[Greg Williams/Art + Commerce photo]

"Stamp Out Hunger" Food Drive

A way to help the hungry that's too simple to refuse: This Saturday, leave a bag of non-perishable goods by your mailbox for postal workers to pick up and distribute to local food banks.


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