Is Columbus a good place to start a small business?

71% yes

29% no

What should be done to foster the growth of unique, independent businesses?

"The city's perks are the low startup costs compared to major metropolitan cities. We need to shine a light on this fact."

"How about doubling property taxes on vacant commercial space along High Street? Hint to landlords: If your space has been vacant for two years, you're charging too much."

"Buy Local campaign to fight the overwhelming number of corporate chains."

"Tax breaks for the little guy and not just condo builders."

"Incentives for startups, incubators, shared workspaces and assistance for young entrepreneurs."

Have you ever considered leaving Columbus?

80% yes

20% no

"No. Columbus has a fantastic local arts scene, excellent shopping, great places to eat and fantastic local parks."

"No. The quality of life and affordability is hard to beat."

"Yes. Lack of diversity."

"Yes. Lack of social life for singles over 30."

Would you recommend that your out-of-town friends move to Columbus?

67% yes

33% no

"Yes. Rapid expansion of indie arts and creative folks in the urban core is very exciting."

"Yes. The folks around here just seem friendlier than in other areas."

"No. It would be hard for someone used to the conveniences of a large city, because those conveniences don't exist here."

"No. Weather is too unpredictable."

What's Columbus' best-kept secret?

"The food! This town is a giant culinary masterpiece."

"All of Columbus. It's stuck in the shadow of OSU."

"The fantastic neighborhoods. I think people would be surprised how many fun, funky neighborhoods we have."

"The great music scene."