The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Tony Castricone Scott Torgerson Mike Ricordati Lori Schmidt Lydia the Fan Girl Should the Big Ten add a 12th team? No, stay at 11 teams. Conference championship games are often pointless rematches and exist solely for monetary purposes. Yes, Pittsburgh - good in hoops and has potential in football. Yes, my vote goes to West Virginia. We need more hillbillies in this conference. Emotionally, I'd like them to add Ohio University. Intellectually, I think Pitt would make slightly more sense. Why not? Let's make Poor Rod uncomfortable and add WVU. If the Big Ten grows to 12, what should the conference change its name to? The Big Sellout Don't change the name. No name change. Big Ten forever. The Big Ten ... plus Northwestern and Indiana. The Mid-Best Dozen Who's your pick in the Cavs-Hawks series? Cavs in five. Cavs in five. Cavs in four. The Cavaliers in five. They're just too disciplined to lose. Cavs rule. Case closed. At 0-2-5, how many more ties will the Crew get before their first win? I hope they tie all their games the rest of the season 0-0, because that's soccer, baby. Seven. I just like the number. Ummm, two? Zero. They play KC this week and it's a special anniversary weekend for the Black and Gold. Oh, another three or four sounds about right.