Pearl Market

Around the Alive office, a typical summer lunch consists of a Nellie's samosa and some perfectly ripe strawberries. Yes, farm-fresh fruits and veggies return to Pearl Alley on May 19; the market will be open Tuesdays and Fridays through October.

"Extract" trailer

The preview looks promising, and with a different studio handling its release this September, there's a chance Mike Judge's latest comedy won't get screwed like the ones before it.

Amandda Tirey's "Luscious Liquidscapes" at Ohio Art League

This is what the world of Dr. Seuss might look like under a microscope.


National Backyard Games Week kicks off on May 18, which means it's time to resurrect everyone's favorite sharp-metal-spike-throwing contest. Just a little advice: Heads up!

"The Room"

Tommy Wiseau's hopelessly earnest, comically inept, semi-erotic drama is fast becoming a cult favorite for its endlessly quotable dialogue, bizarre plot cul-de-sacs and the mind-boggling thrill of reminding yourself that Wiseau seriously thought this piece of crap was a masterpiece. Witness the spectacle for yourself at Alive's exclusive screening on Thursday, May 21 (enter to win City Club passes at

Amy Ryan

As dorky HR gal Holly Flax, Ryan is a perfect match for the capable but clueless Michael Scott. We're psyched for her return in the season finale, 9 p.m. tonight on NBC.

20% Off Vinyl

The vinyl selection at Half Price Books is better than you think, and everything's priced to move. But if you aren't sufficiently motivated to snatch up Mandrill's Just Outside of Town for $4.99, the Lane Avenue location makes it sweeter every Friday with an additional 20 percent off.

House Salmon at Tip Top

If you're too tired (or lazy) to make dinner, you can't go wrong with Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails' House Salmon dinner ($11). The fish comes with white wine dill sauce, a steamed veggie mix and a ridiculously delicious side of Parmesan risotto.