"I love skirts. I think I only have two pairs of pants in my wardrobe."

Job: Director stylist at Phia Salon

Neighborhood: East Side

Hometown: Columbus

Label your style: "That's Dairdre"

What would someone usually catch you wearing?

I love skirts. I think I only have two pairs of pants in my wardrobe. I usually have some kind of interesting accessory, either a jacket or leggings. I usually don't wear heels. And I usually have big, gaudy jewelry.

What kinds of clothes do you gravitate toward?

I have a system: I start at one end of the store, and I just go through everything on every rack. I touch everything, and if something has a cool texture or a color that pops, I'll pull it out. I'm a very tactile person.

Do you have a lot of clothes?

Yes. Every time I go to the thrift store, I have to donate stuff back before I can bring in new stuff.

You're very color-coordinated today. Do you usually pay attention to that?

I do. I tend to dress a little more odd and have odd elements to things, so I'm really big into having balance.

How did you get into dressing like this?

My sister and my mom absolutely hate, with a passion, the way that I dress. I remember trying on clothes, and they'd be like, "Oh my gosh, that's awful!" And I'd be like, "Sweet! Perfect thing for me, then." If they say they don't like it, that's what I'm going to get.

The outfit:

Jacket: Ohio Thrift. "I always find great things. I probably paid $6 or $7 for all of this."

Shirt: Ohio Thrift.

Skirt: Ohio Thrift

Belt: Ohio Thrift

Leg warmers: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Payless Shoe Source

Purse: a gift

Necklace: T.J. Maxx

Earrings: Wal-Mart

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